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saphotographie's Journal

.....C'est Photographie! [It's Photography]
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If you WANT to whore us && give us credit... :]

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What Are We?

This is a community for people who LOVE photography (traditional or digital) and who want to share their own photography. It may contain images that will shock or disturb the viewer but will always be said in a lj-cut. This community doesnt care about Work Safe, However like we said please use a lj-cut telling the readers weather there is nudity. This community does not claim to be safe for children and may or may not be. Please use at your own discretion. k thanks.

*Please post one image, then put the rest under a lj-cut if you do not know how to post a lj-cut you can find one here

Discussion and constructive criticism are encouraged.
*Constructive criticism: The framing is off in the shot.

*Non-constructive criticism: That sucks... I am sick of people posting photographs of butterflies.

The Maintainers

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