REBECCA ONLY. (sockeri) wrote in saphotographie,

top model got in trouble.

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I love this set of pictures
especially this one it's my favorite. I will be posting pictures in here I really am slacking being a moderator but I just feel bad that there are a few members in here. However! I am glad that the members in here atleast stay active =]
Oh and I forgot to tell you
I think your Goregous
thank you so much, it makes me happy! :)

hah, yeah good, hope to see something from you soon! ^^

well, it's my little cousine in the pictures but who inherited some prettiness ^_~
I hope to see someting from
me soon too! lol I dont have my dsl at the moment so I cant upload
anything really it takes about a year when I do. I should have my dsl back in about 3 or 4 days so I will try to get out and post some more pictures. Anyways I think ive asked you this before but do you speak french because I noticed that you spelled cousin cousine which is french for the girl... =D! Well anyways your cousin is goregous and im sure that she did inheirate some prettiness.